Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
our neighbor and kick ass concert venue

Grog Shop
our neighbor 5 miles away and kick ass concert venue

Now That's Class
West side bar and venue, rockin', experimentin', noisin', drinkin'

Square Records
our “kissin' cousins” record store in Akron

My Mind's Eye
Lakewood record store run by a vegan metalhead

Little Jacket
design geniuses and handsome men

Three Bears Design
design geniuses and huggable bears - they designed our pint glasses!

Collectible Escalators
Cleveland record label and proud parent

features a nationwide collection of quality INDEPENDENT record stores (including MUSIC SAVES - the only store in Cleveland!) and exclusive releases that these stores carry


I Rock Cleveland
Cleveland based music site that'll give you a case of the rock fist

Pitchfork Media
the site you love (to hate) going to EVERY DAY

Tiny Mix Tapes
the site you SHOULD love going to EVERY DAY

Coke Machine Glow
because Canadians are THAT much better

compiles reviews from print and internet media, assigning a median score...NERDS!

music news with a sense of humor


Blue Arrow Records & Boutique
(16001 Waterloo Road)
the newbie record store on the street, with awesome used records, furniture, and other stuff! Brother!

Arts Collinwood & Arts Collinwood Gallery
(15605 Waterloo Road)
flourishing arts organization doing all kinds of great things for our community

Arts Collinwood Cafe
(15601 Waterloo Road)
a cafe/bar/neighborhood meeting place with all the drinks you need, now run by Arts Collinwood!

Star Pop
(15813 Waterloo Road)
vintage and modern toys, clothing, children's book, movies... and lots of fun!

Grovewood Tavern & Wine Bar
(17105 Grovewood Avenue)
fine dining and drinks in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with lots of wood and the best tasting Pilsner Urquell in town

Thermadore Lounge
(17406 Grovewood Avenue)
best place for a late night drink - big couches, HUGE outdoor patio, kick-ass bartenders



Melt Bar & Grilled
(14718 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood)
awesome cheese, bread, AND beer - what more could you ask for?

Visible Voice Books
(1023 Kenilworth, Tremont)
kinda like us, but with books